Privacy Policy

Updated on 1 November 2021

The privacy of visitors is very important to us. Our Privacy Policy informs users of how collects and stores information generated through your use of the website., through the Google Analytics service, collects demographic, behavioral and technological information from users of our service.

The information contained in the records includes:

  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider);
  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address:
  • The browser you used when visiting our website;
  • The time of your visit and what pages you visited within our website;
  • The country of origin of each visit.

This information is anonymous and private, and is used to monitor the performance of the site. It’s use is exclusive for statistical analysis purposes and is always anonymized in order to respect the privacy of our users.
We reserve the right to use this information at our description, provided that this use does not infringe the privacy of users of this service., through the service of registration and creation of CV on the website, keeps all information and files submitted by the User. It is the duty of the User to define the privacy of his / her registration by selecting the privacy status of his / her account at the bottom of the configuration page of my CV. The user registration details are available by default to all Clients. If you wish to be available only to the Clients of the vacancies to which you have applied, you must choose this privacy state as indicated above. is not responsible for, nor can be responsible for, the use or dissemination of the User data by the Customers, and any anomalous situation must be dealt with between the User and the Customer.

At any time you can request that your account is deleted alongside all the data that you registered on To delete your account follow these steps:

  • Access your myCV page (you need to login to your account);
  • On the last section of your myCV page, on the Settings section, edit the "My account is Active" field so that it is not selected;
  • Then, send an email to from the email account you used to create your account, indicating that you want all your data deleted;
  • The team will delete all your data within 30 days of receiving your email.

Beware: You cannot retrieve your account after it is deleted, all your data will be permanently deleted.

It is the User's duty to log out of his account to terminate his session on is not responsible, nor can it be held responsible for open sessions in the system. If you access the website through a public computer, always remember to log out of your account in order to protect access to your data. database, which keeps all information submitted by Users, is protected by the highest standards of computer security, however is not responsible for the theft or misuse of this information by third parties.

The database registers all the content shared by recruiters (the vacancies published) and by the candidates (the information added to your account). These contents are analyzed by the team to elaborate statistical reports about the Mozambican labor market, which can or not be shared with third parties.

The recruiter content that is analyzed is:

  • The duties and requisites of the published vacancies;
  • The categories and locations of the vacancies;
  • The dates of publication and expiry of vacancies;
  • The feedback provided by the recruiters relating to recruitment success and the overall service;
  • The candidates that were viewed or favorited by each recruiter.

The candidate content that is analyzed is:

  • The creation date of the accounts;
  • The number of sessions (logins) of each candidate, including the dates and hours;
  • The percentage of account completion;
  • The demographic data of the candidates (gender, age, years of experience, education level, language proficiency, e types of documents uploaded;
  • The number of applications submitted by each candidate;
  • The number of times each candidate was seen and favorited by recruiters;
  • O número de vezes que os candidatos foram visualizados ou favoritados;
  • The companies/organizations that visualized or favorited each candidate.

All these contents are anonymized for these analysis, and no confidential information - including the author of the content, the names, email addresses, telephone numbers, or any other information that is considered personal and private - is shared with third parties or used internally during these analysis.